October 12 2010
Own Machinery Standards

With even less notice than last time, Baraclough's second cassette of 2010 has now been released on Tape Fiend.

'Own Machinery Standards' is limited to 100 copies, each with offset printed artwork.


1. Always Serious Like Nothing
2. Here Is The Diana That Sounds, Messieurs!

'Own Machinery Standards' can now be ordered from www.tape-fiend.com

September 14 2010

Baraclough will be performing on September 30th 2010 at Psi-Kick-Self-Defense, an evening of quality nonsense curated by Little Richard La Rue

This event will take place between 18:00 and 00:00 at:

1-3 Redchurch Street

Admission: £3

August 23 2010
Vulpus Vulpus

'Vulpus Vulpus' is now available to buy from the Beartown Records website, where an excerpt of 'Lux Accidental' can also be streamed.

Beartown say:

"BARACLOUGH are making noises. Baraclough are jangling cutlery. Baraclough are muttering weird nonsense. Baraclough are meditating. Baraclough are floating above you. Baraclough at flopping at your feet like a newly landed sound-haddock. Baraclough are scuttling through the city streets radiating beautiful music. Baraclough are truly strange and inspiring. Baraclough are Paul de Casparis, Dale Cornish, Eddie Nuttall.

A collection of unreleased recordings made during 2009 and 2010, this cassette represents the BARACLOUGH boys at their most beguiling; words spew out of the mouth-hole straight from the twisted brain-mush, and a choir of cassette-tape angels drown beneath the glimmering synthesiser sea.

It's a long overdue pleasure to have this band release a tape with Beartown, and well worth the wait!

Edition of 50, with blood red cassettes and carniverous artwork."

'Vulpus Vulpus' can be purchased here

August 19 2010
Vulpus Vulpus

With very little notice indeed, Baraclough are delighted to announce the coming of their latest release.

'Vulpus Vulpus' is a new cassette edition released on Beartown Records, featuring a prime selection of previously unreleased material harvested from recording sessions between 2009-2010.


Side A:
1. Earthbath
2. Great Inevitable
3. Magnanimous
4. Lux Accidental
5. What Will

Side B:
1. Kyoto Kaleidoscope Museum
2. Fanfares
3. Any Membership or Concessionary Rate
4. Headache Song

'Vulpus Vulpus' is limited to 50 copies, and will become available on Monday 23rd August from the Beartown website

July 28 2010
Performance Archive

Baraclough are pleased to announce the release of 'Maggot 04.12.08', the first in an ad-hoc series of live recordings to be made available as digital downloads.

Recorded on the 4th December 2008, at Maggot, a performance event organised by Little Richard La Rue and held at Wolfgang Tillmans’ stock cupboard in East London. The unusually brittle nature of this recording was generated by the limitations of the mono soundsystem hired in for the evening.

'Maggot 04.12.08' can be streamed or downloaded for closer inspection here

An eyewitness account of the evening can be found here

June 23 2010
Time Out

A photograph of Baraclough by Wolfgang Tillmans is featured in this week's Time Out London. The photograph was taken at Maggot in 2008, one of our favourite gigs, which was held in Wolfgang's stock cupboard.

Baraclough are on the verge of announcing new releases for the year and are currently in the stages of completing final details. More information will be issued soon.

April 19 2010

Last month at the opening of Sico Carlier's new exhibition at Wallgallery in Rotterdam, Nadège Piton undertook a performance piece to the soundtrack of 'The Lampshade is not a Past Tense':

"Opening SI/CO on 27/03/10 at 19h00 Nadège Piton, accompanied by The Lampshade Is Not A Past Tense by Baraclough, had to find her way through Wallgallery’s vernissage crowd towards the facade. She was dressed in ‘foulards’ by Sico Carlier in a fashion by Geerten Ten Bosch that unabled her to see. When she reached the windows she started covering them in buttermilk, crisscrossing the room. The more the view faded the more she undressed and after a good part of an hour Nadège was naked as she covered the last windows. When the view finally was gone the performance ended."

More info here

April 07 2010


Baraclough's next live performance will be taking place on Thursday May 6th at:

Ill FM @ The Others
Top Floor
6-8 Manor Road
Stoke Newington
London N16 5SA

This event is free and begins at 20:00 BST. This will be Baraclough's third performance for Ill FM, and will be simultaneously broadcast on the Ill FM website.

March 19 2010
Extra Artwork/Review/Bashment Bear/Forthcomings

Dave 'The Cap' Knapik
has posted his original series of artworks for 'The Lampshade is not a Past Tense' on his Flickr page.

Five drawings and his comments on the project and his methodology can be viewed here.

'The Lampshade is not a Past Tense' is now available at Boomkat, accompanied by some nice words about it here.

Our good friends Patricide have produced a track entitled 'Bashment Bear' with sound sourced from 'Hello Animal'. As part of their daily video regime on Youtube, the track can be seen and heard here.

Meanwhile, Baraclough have started recording their follow up to 'Lampshade' and are in the process of confirming their first live performances for 2010. More news will be issued soon.

January 15 2010

A selection of material from 'Hello Animal' and 'The Lampshade is not a Past Tense' was recently aired as part of a mix on the French radio show, Songs of Praise. A direct link to a download of the show can be found here.

Further material by Baraclough will be aired on Resonance FM when The Tapeworm guest on Jonny Mugwump's Exotic Pylon slot. The show will take place on Saturday January 16th at 21:30, and can be streamed from the Resonance website.

A selection of images taken by Blogadoon at some of our 2009 performances are now on display in our Events section.

A new Baraclough release is now in the pipeline, more details of this to be confirmed soon.

December 03 2009
The Lampshade now shipping

'The Lampshade is not a Past Tense' is now available from the Touchshop, as well as these international stockists:

Aquarius, Forced Exposure, Bent Crayon, Fusetron, EAR/Rational, Other Music, Warszawa

As this release is limited to 250 copies, we recommend immediate purchase to avoid disappointment.

November 2009
The Lampshade is not a Past Tense

'The Lampshade is not a Past Tense' will be Baraclough's second release of 2009, a cassette only edition, limited to 250 copies.
This will be issued by new cassette label, The Tapeworm.

1. Fire Exit Interior
2. Your Physical Health
3. What We Did and Didn't


A release date will be announced soon.

Baraclough are also previewing a new track entitled 'Improper Window', complete with video accompaniment, here.

October 2009

Baraclough are delighted to announce with very little notice that they will be performing on Wednesday October 7th at:

The White Hart Social Centre
7 Giltspur St
St Pauls

Doors are at 7pm and Baraclough will commence their performance at 8pm
sharp. Also appearing are the ever marvelous Patricide.

Our next scheduled performance will be on October 23rd at:

Electronic Countermeasures III / Knifeladder Album Launch
The Cross Kings
126 York Way
N1 0AX

Proceedings begin at 8pm, and entry fee is £5 (£4 concessions)

Following this, Baraclough will be performing on November 6th at:

100 Tinworth Street
SE11 5EQ

This performance will be an extended set between 19:30-21:00 featuring video projections created bespoke for the evening.

Tickets for this event may be purchased here.

Finally, tickets are for Night of the Long Worms on November 19th are now available here

This event will be taking place at:

Café Oto
22 Ashwin Street
E8 3DL

We will have more news, including details of our next releases, to announce soon...


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