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Ill FM Session 06.05.10
'Improper Window'
Ill FM Session 02.04.09
Ill FM Session 03.01.08



"...interesting sound"
"...anarcho-noise trio"
"...accompanied by The Lampshade is not a Past Tense"
" also has something quite captivating about it. Hard to say what exactly"

" intriguing, witches brew of psychotropic electroacoustics"
"...despite the abrasive music, there was plenty of good humour"
"...eccentric texts over beatless, uncompromising, abstract music"
"...almost touched on euphoria there for a minute"
"...thoughful and mind bending"
"...bili so zelo v redu in zelo uńćinkoviti"
"...squiggly rumbles, choked static, rhythmic shorthand"
"...echoes of somebody sharpening knives in your ear"

Second Layer, Beartown, Samu, Touchshop, Aquarius, Forced Exposure,
Bent Crayon
, Fusetron, EAR/Rational, Other Music, Warszawa, Boomkat

Rebels in Control, Zerocrop, Philip Marshall, Patricide, Skat Injector,
Ill FM
, Ryan Jordan, The Tapeworm, Massimo & Pierce, Kaos,
Othon Mataragas
, Ernesto Tomasini, LRLR, Recoil, Dave 'The Cap' Knapik, Sico Carlier, Rise Berlin, Tom Ryling